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Jim Barrett jim.barrett at humlab.umu.se
Fri Jan 11 16:02:17 UTC 2008

Dear Gregory and IDC
My 'brush' with the League of Noble Peers (which is actually all of us,
you me and the rest of any sharing network, such as the IDC list) is
through the Oil21 project which came to my town recently and made my life
more interesting:


I recomend it. Via Oil21 is Pirate Cinema Berlin:


also good.

Living in Sweden is not always easy for someone born near the golden
beaches of north eastern Australia (the weather today is particularly
shite), but the environment here for critical and practical inquiry into
new media (incuding P2P publishing) is often totally inspiring. One recent
example of the P2P climate in Sweden is 'Who makes and Owns Your Work?':

http://www.whomakesandownsyourwork.org/ (click through to the blog from
the event page)

A question we should all ask of ourselves often. If you could read Swedish
I could recomend more sites of interest related to the topics taken up by
the League of Noble Peers. Of course anyone can download Steal this Film I


and 2 from here:


As well Good Copy Bad Copy:


Its all FREE!

I would still recommend sending some monetary joy to the League of Noble
Peers Gregory, as I happen to know they are not in it for the money and
they work very hard, often with a lot of hassles and disappointments to
accompany their efforts.

Jim B.

> Dear IDC:
> Hello.  My name is Gregory Pleshaw and I'm a writer and blogger from New
> Mexico.  I have been lurking on this list for a few weeks.  I've liked a
> lot
> of the threads but haven't felt like I have much to add.  I particularly
> liked the thread on the future of the book, and the contributions by Rick
> Prelinger and others.
> I just saw Steal This Film 2.  I stole it, (of course) and piped into it a
> flash drive which I then stuck into my new fangled DVD player which has a
> port for such things.  I really enjoyed it.  Since Rick Prelinger was in
> the
> film, I wanted to ask him (and anyone else who wanted to chime in)
> Who are the League of Peers?  I've heard rumor that they're out of Sweden
> or
> Switzerland but I'd like to know if anyone knows anything about them.
> Also...at the end of the film, they run an "ad" saying if anyone sends
> them
> $15, they'd get a "mystery package."  I was wondering if anyone on this
> list
> sent them $15 and what the "mystery package" consisted of.
> I'm damn tempted to PayPal them the dough just to find out.  Sorry this
> post
> isn't as lucid and learned as most of the posts I've seen here.  Like I
> said, this has been a really enlightening place to be as of late.  Thanks
> for your time.
> regards
> Gregory Pleshaw
> aka gregoryp(tm)
> --
> "He's the boogie-woogie bugle boy of Company B."
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