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Michael Bauwens michelsub2003 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 10:51:13 UTC 2011

Dear Douglas,

Checking this directory of 1700 organisations dedicated to open and free, 
participatory and commons-oriented social practices may save you some time in 
building your own directory:


Unfortunately, I have no time to do any inputs in other wiki's,

Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation

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> Sent: Wed, July 27, 2011 7:29:32 AM
> Subject: [iDC] organizational resource
> As part of the mission of the Public Sphere Project and as part of our  
> charge of carrying on some of CPSR's legacy we've started to build an  
> organizational resource including a "big tent" of  social change  
> organizations from all over the world that have a focus on information  
> and communication — traditional and  state-of-the-art; formal and  
> informal; civil society, educational, government, and business. We now  
> have information for about 40 organizations in the system.
> http://www.publicsphereproject.org/drupal/civic_organizations
> We will be relying on the community to keep the information current.
> To add a new entry or make any changes to an existing one you will  
> need a Public Sphere Project account. As soon as you've filled out the  
> requested information, let me know and I'll unblock your account.  
> (This is our way of keeping junk accounts to a minimum.)
> If you would like to change the entry for your organization you should  
> let me know and I can transfer ownership to your account.
> We're hoping that the volunteer opportunities field for the  
> organizations could be useful.
> Please feel free to forward this note to other organizations who may  
> want to add their information.
> Also please give us any feedback or suggestions as to other resources  
> we might be able to add to the Public Sphere Project site.
> Thanks!
> -- Doug
> Douglas Schuler
> douglas at publicsphereproject.org
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