[iDC] The Future of the Humanities

Florian Cramer flrncrmr at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 17:57:39 UTC 2011

Just a short remark:

> programmes within humanities departments, as does the UK. Austria is
> starting up creative arts PhD programmes.

Only in art schools, not in regular universities.

> The Swiss have been at it for a
> decade. Holland has initiated its first practice based PhD programme.

As a joint-venture of an art school and a university, with the idea
that the university humanities department provides the academic
research part and conducts the actual Ph.D. exam. The notion of a
practice-based PhD does legally not exist, on paper all PhD candidates
need to be enrolled in the traditional universities humanities
program. (The few art schools offering these programs are not quite
open in their public communication about the fragile constructs being
used here.)

What I was more broadly referring to is the broad integration of arts
and humanities in the U.S., in the sense that university campuses
provide the kind of cultural infrastructure which in continental
Europe is provided by public institutions.

Well, bottom line of Simon's and my posting is that for Europe, the
formula "arts & humanities" is not self-evident. Where it exists, it's
rather new and experimental.


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