[iDC] Is there a future for the pubklic libraries?

Rolf Hapel hapel at aarhus.dk
Fri Jul 1 07:19:48 UTC 2011

Hi Janet,

Thank you for your comments. I agree that the change of format ultimately is changing the business models of publishing, thus has an enormous effect of the business model of the libraries. Copyright issues are at the core of this development. I believe that your reflection on the library as a future repository or space which can host culturally important data over longer time spans ending with a (big) question mark is very relevant! The need for preserving valuable cultural and polical data is obvious, but it is in my mind not a task for the public library to do that, it must be national repositories that harvest that kind of digital information. The possibility of having networks of libraries host contemporary digital media content (or maybe access to digital media content through metadata repositories) is certainly a possibility - that's what we are doing in Denmark.



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I am one of the new library sector students.

My concern about the shift in paper owned resources to linked or subscribed digital resources is largely because it changes the kind of access rights users have because copyright is a shifting target.
Format shift brings with it a shift from ownership of an object to tenancy with a hosting site.
You also need to keep paying to keep accessing.

Sometimes it also means that the library is less seen as a space which can host culturally important data over longer time spans? I think the refresh rate of government websites for example will mean it is difficult to compare changing government policies over some years as old data is deleted and replaced with the latest perspectives.
Perhaps libraries can still host that kind of longer perspective?
Perhaps libraries can hold self published zines, local content, local books.
It would be interesting if networks of libraries became more authoritative and integrated as hosting organisations for digital media as content in other hosting sites may well only be there while it is profitable and not offer a longer term cultural asset.

A comfy chair and a net connection are passive aspects of information delivery in that they are only able to deliver relevant information if the wider network has chosen to host the data and it is accessible from that network.

My initial thoughts anyway =)


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