[iDC] Corporate Ideology in World of Warcraft

Saul Ostrow sostrow at cia.edu
Sat Sep 12 13:15:36 UTC 2009

Doesn't anyone read Marx anymore - Production creates need - the problem with capital is it seeks to produce only in those areas of need that produce the greatest profits - it saturates these and then abandons them as it searches for new areas of profit - consequently being indifferent to the need it produces - what capital has done to the economies of north and central africa is a perfect example of this

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Scott Rettberg wrote:
> Play becomes a manifestation of our interpellation in
> the world of 24/7 real time labor/consumption (consumption having
> become an aspect of labor and labor an aspect of consumption).
> Sisyphus might have ultimately been convinced to pay a monthly fee for
> the pleasure of pushing that rock up the hill.

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