[iDC] Corporate Ideology in World of Warcraft

Saul Ostrow sostrow at cia.edu
Sat Sep 12 12:45:04 UTC 2009

There are those among us, who at this point would quote Romeo's  line "what's  in a name, a rose by any other name will smell just as sweet" - yet such a nominalist and relativist approach to such things as alienation seems to create  a problematic condition, for those of us attempt to deal with such things as alienation as both a material force and a theroetical object  in that those given to  renaming such things so that they may be re- addressed without having to  address their marxist/ existentialist/ modernist orignins -  seeming ly never really get beyond the   new name stage

On 9/11/09 9:59 PM, "Brian Holmes" <brian.holmes at aliceadsl.fr> wrote:

Scott Rettberg wrote:
> Play becomes a manifestation of our interpellation in
> the world of 24/7 real time labor/consumption (consumption having
> become an aspect of labor and labor an aspect of consumption).
> Sisyphus might have ultimately been convinced to pay a monthly fee for
> the pleasure of pushing that rock up the hill.

That used to be called alienation, no?

Is there a reason not to call it that anymore? I guess there may
well be - but I wonder if that reason still has anything to do
with wanting to cure what in oneself or in ourselves doesn't
work, to the point of wanting to simulate work in one's free time
and call it play?

best, Brian
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