[iDC] Strategic usage of folksonomies: a case study

john sobol john at johnsobol.com
Thu Jan 15 13:40:05 UTC 2009

On 15-Jan-09, at 3:40 AM, Simon Biggs wrote:

> Hi John
> Of course what you say is the case, and there are tragic  
> consequences. If you read Garcia or Ortiz you will find that their  
> arguments emerge out of their concerns about colonial and post- 
> colonial cultural imperialism. Ortiz, in particular, writes  
> eloquently about the impact of the tobacco and sugar trades on  
> Cuban society. In my referencing these authors I am also taking  
> into account these concerns.
> Regards
> Simon

Yes understood.

I used your comments as a jumping off point for my argument/rant not  
so much as a reflection on your comments in particular, but rather  
because I feel strongly (obviously) that collectively on this list we  
are more and more beginning to circle around these questions. Yet in  
my opinion the central drama is too often embedded in discussions of  
other issues (as here, where it appeared in a discussion of  
folksonomies) as opposed to being given the weight and importance it  
deserves, as one of the primary power struggles of not just our age,  
but of ages past and ages to come.

I may seem somewhat single-minded in my focus, but soon I plan to be  
able to offer a much more thorough and broad analysis of how I see  
these issues playing out in different social dynamics. Until that  
particular project is launched maybe I'll hold my tongue...or try to...

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