[iDC] Media dies more slowly than some would like (and sometimes they come back)

loreso loreso at oginoknauss.org
Thu Jan 17 14:32:11 UTC 2008

Hi All,
few weeks ago i posted some considerations to the " Media dies more  
slowly than some would like" thread, underlining what I believe still  
to be a fundamental difference between printed books and electronic  
text: that is, the historical stability of the knowledge phisically  
deposited on shelves. I think the following post can further clarify  
the nature of my concern...
sorry for crosspostings

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> Oggetto: <nettime> wikipedia censorship and self-censorship
> Hi Nettimers
> a couple of years ago I made a work that retrieved deleted user  
> content
>  from the Deletion Logs of Wikipedia: un_wiki
>  (http://www.in-vacua.com/un_wiki.html).
> The deleted material in the Deletion Logs used to be preceded by the
>  phrase: 'Content was:' The Log still exists but has been altered. New
>  entries to the Log have recently ceased to contain this deleted user
>  material. Instead it is replaced by a bland sysop summary. Not  
> only that,
>  all user entered content has now been expunged from the Deletion  
> Logs of
>  Wikipedia stretching back as far as can be seen. A case of
>  retrospective censorship?
> When were these actions taken?
> When were they publicly discussed?
> Who of the sysops at Wikipedia are responsible?
> Why were these actions taken?
> I can find no reference to the change.
> un_wiki is now historical: without the content it has nothing to show
>  you -- except for the absence of content.
> Wayne.
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