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Greg J. Smith greg.smith at utoronto.ca
Mon Jan 14 21:01:36 UTC 2008

geert at desk.nl wrote:
> For instance, Enemybook is a fantastic Facebook mini application that 
> allows you to finally tell your enemies as well as your friends what 
> you really think about them. Just like when adding friends, this 
> application allows you to detail exactly how you know the person and 
> came to be their enemy. Now seeing a list of someone?s enemies tells 
> me a lot more about them than their friends. Anti-social networking 
> sounds bizarre, but is a great way to relieve stress and divert your 
> anger into a better channel.
I understand the desire to not participate in these pervasive networks 
as they really can be quite unsettling if you are guarded about your 
personal information. That said, I don't get these anti-network 
networking sites. My perspective on the matter is to refer to a much 
more familiar situation: someone who doesn't want their phone number 
listed, requests as much and it is not published in the phone book.

To each their own I suppose. I can't see the utility in exchanging barbs 
with foes online.. even if it is tongue in cheek it is pretty much the 
web 2.0 equivalent of street fighting.

On the off chance anybody hasn't heard about Megan Meier: 


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