[iDC] Fwd: Social Ethics, Social Aesthetics, Social Beauty

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Sat Jan 12 03:02:14 UTC 2008

Begin forwarded message:

> I can not read all of this. I wish I could but you wrote too much.  
> I read some ya data ya ready mades thats all cool. Yes read art  
> history but be participatory. I married my wife because she created  
> art and few women I had met actually did make art.  I am not a  
> visual artist. I write cyberpunk pro green party fiction. I do  
> social development because I am in recovery from mental illness. I  
> grew up with mates who became artists so spent teen years playing  
> chess while someone painted. But politically they were both sexist  
> pigs. That said I am DIY punk hacker background but these days  
> consider instigating art to be bad. Why bother? Why upset some one  
> and call it social? Ya give them fifty dollars but do not lay some  
> art trip on them too. Be Kantian about it man. Good intentions not  
> hidden fabricated intentions. Sorry thats the way I see it. Too  
> many people could get hurt in my opinion. I am an volunteer  
> counselor with victims of crime. I mend lives not shake them up.  
> While I still shake up bosses and other in authority so think you  
> should be listening to what I say about social work/art/.
> with punk it was do what you can... call it art at least you did  
> something constructive rather than waste another Friday night drunk.
> sorry I can not read more and comment more. You are all way over my  
> head too much sometimes to follow these emails. Social ethics is  
> that really a word? All ethics are social.

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