[iDC] Art Basel: Signs of a Broken Food Chain

Scott Paterson scott.paterson at frogdesign.com
Wed Jun 20 12:26:21 EDT 2007

Isabel wrote:
"Once the right site gains momentum and becomes the standard (and
I'm sure they're a few out there already vying for this), then the right art
can then get into the right hands instead of languishing."

I've noticed a few artists using Flickr to document their work, the McCoy's
come to mind, and wonder if this list finds Flickr of interest or potential
as a venue per Isabel's suggestion. Flickr has an open source API which has
been used to create a few mashups that align with Isabel's feature list such
as retrievr ( http://labs.systemone.at/retrievr/) which lets you search by
creating a sketch of what you're looking for and colrpickr (
http://krazydad.com/colrpickr/) which lets you select from color swatches to
find that nice painting to match your sofa ;)

However, I am going to guess here, but a big challenge with such schemes is
coming to terms with the cultural relevancy of a tag and its ability to
demark things such as "quality"...not my domain, but I'm betting someone
here has thought about this before.


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