[iDC] Will you delete your Feedburner account?

Burak Arikan arikan at media.mit.edu
Sun Jun 10 13:05:26 EDT 2007

Hi Emre,

I agree that data exchange standards like RSS, ATOM, and OPML support  
and afford sharing. I see them as the containers of techno- 
commodities. I even authored an experimental container back in 2004,  
ActiviXML, to abstract the information flow particularly between  
social activist communities.

What is not shared is the interaction among people and systems. For  
example, my Google search queries and my actions on the search result  
pages are stored but not shared with me. Google aggregates this type  
of information from everybody, incorporates the collected data in  
search algorithms, and as a result "improves" its services for  
"everyone".  The web 2.0 people celebrate this phenomenon as  
collective intelligence without looking at its critical relation to  

As Geert Lovnik mentioned in his previous post, users of these  
platforms invest time. They also invest attention, which can not  
really measured by users but aggregated by the service providers.  
Attention data is not shared.

Do you know any standards for attention data exchange?


On Jun 9, 2007, at 8:46 PM, emre sokullu wrote:

> Great points Burak,
>> "View Source" menu item was the key feature put into the browsers  
>> by the
>> pioneers of the web (from Tim Berners-Lee's original browser to Marc
>> Anderseen's Mosaic)[*]. This openness feature, affording to look  
>> inside,
>> helped me learn HTML like many other kids in the world, which  
>> later changed
>> my life.
>> Today I think what we need is something as simple as this: "View  
>> Data".
> But what do RSS, Atom, OPML and web services stand for? This is
> actually the problem that the web 2.0 has already solved. Today, if
> you are a NetVibes user for example, you can take out your data easily
> and migrate to, say Google Reader, instantly. I love web 2.0 and I
> agree with Boris, this acquisitions are the eventual results of
> popularity, you always have the possibility to opt out.
> --
> Disclaimer: besides my other occupations (writer at ReadWriteWeb,
> evangelist at Hakia) I'm an entrepreneur too - http://grou.ps/ - we
> are an aggregator and we stand on the shoulders of other service
> providers; that's the beauty of web 2.0
> Emre Sokullu
> http://emresokullu.com

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