[iDC] Fwd: Battling Bragg beats MySpace

Chris Byrne chris at crowriver.net
Thu Jun 29 17:39:16 EDT 2006

New Corp's MySpace has changed the terms and conditions it offers  
artists, following a recent protest by UK singer/songwriter, Billy  

"Now that the popularity of downloading has made physical  
manufacturing and distribution no longer necessary, the next  
generation of artists will not need to surrender all of their rights  
in order to get their music into the marketplace. It is therefore  
crucial that they understand, from the moment that they first post  
music on the internet, the importance of retaining their long term  
right to exploit the material that they create."


(It seems the notion of authorship still is very much alive in the  
Web 2.0 world, at least when it comes to music - Chris)

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