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> UC San Diego's Liz Losh argues that "digital literacy" is about much more than equipping youth with baseline skills...
> LINK:  http://dmlcentral.net/blog/liz-losh/digital-fluency-empowering-all-students
> Digital Fluency: Empowering All Students
> By LIZ LOSH <http://dmlcentral.net/node/3660> July 28, 2011 - 4:20pm
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> Although “digital literacy” is often a phrase associated with programs that have utopian pedagogical visions, it also can become a term attached to rigid curricular requirements, standardized testing, and models of education that stigmatize some students as remedial when it comes to their basic programming skills or their abilities to use software productively.  Furthermore, the term “digital literacy” can generate conflicts among educators because many different disciplines may claim sole responsibility for providing any needed instruction, as I’ve argued elsewhere<http://currents.dwrl.utexas.edu/FIP/intro.html>.  Computer scientists, media scholars, librarians, composition teachers, and digital arts instructors have all made supposedly exclusive claims to design and assess digital literacy programs in both K-12 and higher education environments.  In contrast, internationally known mixed reality artist Micha Cárdenas<http://transreal.org/> calls for an inclusive and interdisciplinary approach to “digital literacy” that is more in keeping with the latest thinking about “digital fluency” in the field.
> As a transgender performance and new media artist, Cárdenas is interested in challenging boundaries: between female and male, between human and animal, between fantasy and reality, between virtual and physical, and between person and machine.  She first became known in news reports for spending 365 hours wearing a head-mounted display and operating a motion capture system in order to experience 3-D immersion in one of her online identities, a dragon avatar named Azdel Slade<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHEDym1aOZs
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