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Tue Jul 26 17:58:27 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

I am currently a graduate student in the Media Studies program at The New
School. For the MobilityShifts conference, I will be developing social media
for the exhibition "The Assignment Book" by artist Luis Camnitzer curated by
Christiane Paul and Trebor Scholz. As a research assistant, I will provide
technical aspects such as a blog, Twitter feed, audio interviews, etc., for
the exhibition that consists of several assignments that invite the public
to engage in active philosophical speculations: rather than being led to
contemplation, the public is asked to start an elaboration of ideas and
participate with their conclusions.

In my time at The New School, I have been focusing on creating affordable,
socially conscious media through the use of digital filmmaking and social
networking sites. I have a background in production for documentary,
television, and the non-profit sector. I am currently working on a project
featuring urban farming and the sustainable food movement in Brooklyn.

Looking forward to the conference,

Christine Zenyi Lu

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