[iDC] Personal Introduction for MobilityShifts

Nitin Sawhney nitin at media.mit.edu
Thu Jul 14 17:19:16 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I've been asked to participate in the upcoming MobilityShifts conference
this fall, and I wanted to provide a quick intro as requested by the

I have an interest in participatory media technologies, collaborative
learning platforms, and researching creative DIY cultures among youth,
particularly in marginalized and conflict settings. I completed my doctoral
work at the MIT Media Lab and have recently been teaching at the MIT Program
in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT).

At the MIT Center for Civic Media I helped establish a research
collaborative (the Department of Play) to design mobile video, mapping and
pedagogical tools for youth. We have a team of students currently
prototyping and evaluating a mobile video tool called Aago with youth
community groups in the Boston area.

I'm currently in Cairo on my way back to Cambridge after spending several
weeks in Gaza conducting workshops around digital storytelling and a pilot
research study focusing on resilience among children in the refugee camps.
While here I was also wrapping up production for a documentary film (Flying
Paper) about DIY kite making and flying among youth in the Gaza Strip.

I will soon be moving to the New School to join the faculty in the
department of Media Studies and Film, which is quite a transition for me
having lived in Cambridge the past 15 years.

I'm not sure how all this intersects with the interest of participants at
the conference, but I hope to contribute in some way. I look forward to
seeing you all in New York this fall.

Nitin Sawhney, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Media Studies
The New School, 70 Fifth Ave, Rm 1216
New York, NY 10011 | 857.776.3277
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