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Ed Keller kellere at newschool.edu
Tue Jul 5 16:34:07 UTC 2011

Greetings All: 

My name is Ed Keller. I'm honored to be joining Mobility Shifts this October to 
co-chair the DIYU track with David Theo Goldberg and Sean Dockray. 

The theme of the conference resonates strongly with both my current work at 
Parsons The New School for Design, where I am working in the Deans' Office to 
develop policy, strategy, projects & collaborations around distributed education and 
technology- and with previous research, work and teaching positions I've held at 
Columbia University's GSAPP, and at SCIArc.

My background is first in music, then in architecture and media, with a deep foundation in 
tech- both from a practitioner's perspective [in my office as well as teaching] and from a 
theorist's perspective. For many years I have taught a series of seminars around 
the theme of 'Drift Cinema', starting with Dziga Vertov, passing through various familiar 
architectural, urban and cinematic situationist bus-stops, considering the emergence of 
video-blogging, and looking forward to the next paradigm shifts. The techno-political aspects 
of citizen-produced content and user-produced education have been a strong theme in my 
academic work- Enzensberger's Constituents of a Theory of the Media is one reference in that 

For more info, Googling will always turn up some evidence [at least until the 'Friends of Privacy' 
group Vernor Vinge imagines becomes reality <grin>]- and relevant material can be found in these 

Clips from various events organized/co-organized at Parsons/TNS in the past year:
Papers and talks- some recent, some verging on ancient:
Courses taught at the GSAPP between ~2001-2010:

I keenly anticipate the dialog and debates we will have in October! 
Looking forward,

Edward Keller : architecture, design technology & media
  ___Parsons the New School for Design  
	associate dean of distributed learning and technology
	associate professor, School of Design Strategies 

  ___AUM Studio  :  principal designer / co-founder

  http://www.aumstudio.org                        kellere at newschool.edu
  cel:  646.207.5989            			iCHAT: machinicphylum

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