[iDC] Is there a future for the pubklic libraries?

Kevin Moquin kevin.moquin at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 15:42:18 UTC 2011

I can see public libraries playing a major role in the transition to
low-cost, self-directed learning - both for adults and children.

Online, we're beginning to see the advent of platforms for people to
collaborate achieving their own educational goals. Face-to-face learning,
though, should continue to be an important part of collaborative learning.
That's where I see libraries playing a role, allowing learning to be local -
as well as global - and down to earth.

I can see libraries being staffed by professional and volunteer mentors who
can help guide self-directed learners to the resources and knowledge
necessary to meet their learning goals. Networked globally through the Web
and locally through public libraries, I can see an effective system for
self-directed, collaborative learning.

Great discussions taking place here.

Kevin Moquin
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