[iDC] Introduction

Dorothy Kidd kiddd at usfca.edu
Thu Sep 24 15:46:25 UTC 2009

Dear Colleagues:
Forgive me too for not introducing myself earlier. I first want to thank
everyone for your contributions as I find this list very stimulating,
and look forward to talking to some of you at the Digital Labour
Conference next month. 

I have worked in alternative and social movement media since the early
1970s, (aboriginal radio/TV, community radio, and early indymedia), have
participated in the global networks of AMARC and OURMedia. My publishing
activity has been focused on documenting some of the more effective and
inventive uses of communications for social change. Most recent is a two
volume collection, co-edited with Clemencia Rodriguez and Laura Stein
called Making Our Media: Global Initiatives Toward a Democratic Public
Sphere, coming out from Hampton Press this month. 

As an academic living in San Francisco, my major activity has been to
coordinate a series of conferences and public forums, including global
social justice networks (Digital Democracy, Spring 003);  labour
activists (Labor Tech 2003, 2006, 2008), teachers of media literacy
(Action Coalition for Media Education) and media activists (Bay Area
Alternative Media Network) and old and new media journalists (Remaking
the News, Spring 2009). 

One of my current research projects has been the documentation and
analysis of some of the web-based alternative journalism projects; and
I'll talk about this more at the Digital Labour Conference.

thanks again,

Dorothy Kidd.
Associate Professor 
Department of Media Studies
University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton St.
San Francisco, California  94117-1080.
kiddd at usfca.edu

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From: Joseph Heathcott <heathcoj at newschool.edu>
Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 9:32 am
Subject: Re: [iDC] Introduction
To: idc at mailman.thing.net, Trebor Scholz <scholzt at newschool.edu>

> Dear colleagues,
> Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier.  My name is Joseph 
> heathcott, and I will be moderating a session of the upcoming 
> conference.  I teach at The New School in Eugene Lang College and 
> Parsons School of Design, and serve as chair of the department of 
> urban studies.  I am an architectural and comparative urban 
> historian by training, with interests in the iterative and layered 
> relationships between the built environment, social organization, 
> and multiple imaginaries that intersect in the city.  My most 
> recent lecture, given at Columbia University, was titled "Is There 
> a Queens Urbanism?" a question which, of course, really has no 
> proper answer, but which conjures many competing notions of what a 
> city is.  My most recent published piece appeared in Art 
> Documentation titled "The Industrial City as an Archival Artifact," 
> and consists largely of an interview iwth a salvage operator who 
> has amassed the largest collection of architectural artifacts in 
> the country.  I am curr
> ently working to develop an exhibition on the "Documerica" 
> project, an Environmental Protection Agency photography effort 
> undertaken in the early 1970s.
> I look forward to meeting all of you whether in virtual or "meat-
> based" form.  
> Best,
> Joseph
> **********
> Joseph Heathcott
> Chair of Urban Studies
> Eugene Lang College, The New School
> The New School
> 80 Fifth Ave, Rm 515A    p: 212.229.5100 x2984    
> NY, NY 10011 USA           f: 212.229.5625
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