[iDC] Looking for colleagues working on the same or related subjects

Marta Roldan imartharoldan at arnet.com.ar
Fri Sep 11 20:41:17 UTC 2009

Hi, I am looking for colleagues interested in studying "creative" labour, work organization, 
capital accumulation,  and development from a critical perspective, among related issues. I have been carrying out research bearing on this interdisciplinary subject in Argentina  mainly (Editorial and now the TV industry, content production, network projects, workers' subjectivity, etc.) .We are now discussing  a new law on audiovisual communication that will, hopefully, be approved by Congress about the end of this month and that might change the "business model" now in practice. 

I am a senior researcher of CONICET, the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina with institutional site in FLACSO (The Latin America Faculty of Social Sciences in Buenos Aires). Thank you for your interest.

Martha Roldán imartharoldan at arnet.com.ar

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