[iDC] flickr, you tube and another dissemination of info?

hight at 34n118w.net hight at 34n118w.net
Mon Jan 21 19:35:03 UTC 2008

Hello all,

Here is a quick question.

Is the smart mob model better suited for political activism tied to a
dissemination network from cell phones to flickr and you tube etc?  There
appears to be a global reach of information that can come straight from
protests, eco disasters, unrest, that could be documentation utilizing web
2.0 in this age of media monopolies, infotainment and greater government
control of information dissemination (especially here in America).

You tube has already had moments like the student tazed at U.C.L.A that
also forced the hand of the mainstream news to acknowledge what otherwise
would likely have been minimized or not reported at all.

If 4 million people saw "leave Britney alone " in a short period of time,
what is the possible reach of activists globally beyond traditional print
media in this sense?     And what if related photos were posted to flickr
groups etc simultaneously with rss notifications spread from blogs and

or is this flawed ?

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