[iDC] Spammer de la Silicon Valley

Kimberly De Vries cuuixsilver at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 15:23:00 UTC 2007


I agree that it might be better not to wait for unpleasant
consequences, but I think this gets us back to the information
overload topic. It's hard to see through all the info to imagine all
the implications, even when we have time to think about it.

About this point though:
> k-12 teacher in a classroom working with blogs and wikis may not care less
> about information democracy and knowledge dissemination. The focus is more
> on tools and potential use. And these tools form the backbone of an entirely
> different revolution in teaching and learning - not driven by concept
> shifts, but by discovery of different affordances.

My own experience teaching K-12 teachers in our MA program suggests
that many of them care quite a bit about the way technology might
constrain them; they already experience the narrow constraints of
canned curricula. They tell me they haven't encountered the theories
that help them think about how technology and other systems may allow
only certain choices, but once we begin talking about them, they care
very much indeed.


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