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thank you very much for the feedback and the messages regarding my previous
post on "Game Culture"

Many have asked me if I could provide more resources on what I call "Game
Art" or, in general, about the intersections/interactions between the Art
World and the Game World. Ok, here we go:

   - *Book-wise*, I highly recommend Andy Clarke and Grethe Mitchell's
   "Videogames and Art" (2007), recently published by Intellect Books (the book
   is distributed by University of Chicago Press in the US). You can find more
   information - including the complete table of contents -
   - Nic Kelman wrote a book titled "Video Game
   (Assouline, 2006) which features a brilliant introduction by Henry Jenkins.
   Kelman focuses on the artistic nature of videogames *per se*, whereas
   Clarke and Mitchell (and myself and Domenico Quaranta) are more interested
   on the dialogue between art and games.
   - Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito edited a fantastic book called "At the
   Edge of Art" for Thames and Hudson (2006). One section is entirely devoted
   to Game Art. Titled "Deep Play: new narrative forms and aesthetics of
   computer games" is concise, but highly informative. The
   official website is available
   but I would encourage you to explore Ippolito and Blais' own

*Websites* - some of my favorite sources of info, criticism, and cool ideas:

We Make Money Not Art <http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/> - I mean, who
else would discuss such an amazing
not Regine?
Select Parks <http://www.selectparks.net/> - Rebecca Cannon and friends -
Tale of Tales <http://tale-of-tales.com/blog> - smart conversation about art
and games, smart games, smart art
Neural <http://www.neural.it> - Alessandro Ludovico's magazine just rocks
Domenico Quaranta <http://www.domenicoquaranta.net/english.html> - mostly in
Italian, but definitely cutting edge
Aram Barthol's blog <http://www.datenform.de/blog/> - make sure you check
out this video<http://www.datenform.de/blog/2007/06/secondreal-life-movie.html>
Abstract Machine <http://www.abstractmachine.net/blog> - Douglas Edric
Stanley's blog - impressive stuff - read all about
GameWorld<http://www.abstractmachine.net/blog/gameworld/>(see below)
Rhizome <http://rhizome.org/> - this does not need any explanation

*EDGE <http://www.edge-online.co.uk/>*is, arguably, the most interesting
videogame mag on the planet. It is British - and could not be otherwise.
They recently published a special issue slash monograph on the "Art of
Videogames" (Kelman's territory). Check it out. More information is
available here<http://www.edge-online.co.uk/archives/2007/04/edge_presents_t.php>
GameWorld <http://www.laboralcentrodearte.org/portal.do?TR=C&IDR=105>. This
is a MUST SEE - it's open until the end of the month. It's the Venice
Biennale of Game Art. More info

I hope this helps,


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