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>From Reid Cornwell:
<wrc at tcfir.org>


You know full well that I do and it is acknowledged, by Dr. Baym, in the
archives of AOIR which you administer. (sorry about the "e") In fairness, she
discounts the generalization I place on the statement.

I agree that as the regulators move in, the Internet is less free.

I did not equate the tinker and the scholar but it feels like a good equation in
the context of creativity.

Good to hear from you.


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Of Alex Halavais)


>From Nancy Baym:
<nancy at onlinefandom.com>

>Nancy Bayme, former president of the Association of Internet Researcher
>(AOIR) and professor at University of Kansas has said, &quot;I can't imagine
>that any useful (Internet) research can occur outside a University.&quot; This
>exposes another form of this snobbery.

This is a gross distortion of a comment that Dr. Cornwell should know
better than to repeat, particularly between quotation marks since it
is far from my original wording.

I am keenly aware of many non-university centers that do terrific
research. It seems absurd to have to defend that claim.

In the name of accuracy, I have gone back and found the full
quotation Dr. Cornwell distorts. Decide for yourself the merits of
his paraphrase (but if nothing else, please recognize the error of
quotation marks and the difference between prodicing "research" and
producing "researchERs"). In response to his brief email requesting
that I support his research center, I wrote:

"Maybe I am too stuck within academic conventions, but I am not sure
what a free-standing center will mean in terms of producing internet
researchers. I don't know how this center would relate to existing
institutions. I don't know how it will be uniquely able to accomplish
what is not being accomplished elsewhere. Frankly, I don't know you
and I don't know your expertise/competence/etc. You may be brilliant.
This may be the next huge thing. I don't know. I don't feel that
there is enough there right now for me to say "yes, I want my name on
this as a supporter." That may be my mistake, but there it is.

Nancy Baym

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