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Simon Biggs s.biggs at eca.ac.uk
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Yes, I agree. I am not trying to devalue what people like Jobs and Wozniak
did. Just place it and the development of the tool most of us on this list
rely on for our practice in context.

I joined the Adelaide home computer club in 1978 and didn't invent or sell
anything. That's Adelaide, which isn't Boston or San Francisco. I did profit
from early knowledge of course...but not in business and not primarily
financially. That was a choice I am very happy about.



On 12/6/07 17:59, "Alex -Vipowernet" <alex at islands.vi> wrote:

> Colocation is nice.
> In the end they were in a garage, developing ideas and trying things and
> seeing if they could make a product they could sell.
> Stanford gave context and a critical environment but the entrepreneurship is
> not less because there was a context.
> The BCE was invented in the context of Boston in the early 1980's when we had
> a computer club.  That helped and gave us an early environment in which our
> idea was more likely to survive in its earliest days but in no ways did that
> context nurture us... We opened a virtual store at a time there were 14 brick
> and mortar stores in Boston. We had fierce competition.  BUT our idea was
> better and we outlasted all 14 of those stores.  In fact we liquidated the
> inventories for most of them using out virtual inventory ideas...
> Did Boston Help.  Sure.
> We could not have survived if we had invented the business in Fargo North
> Dakota... There is a point about critical mass, but critical mass is not
> enough to launch an idea and insure its success.
> Alex 

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