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Alex Randall Alex at islands.vi
Sun Jun 10 18:11:03 EDT 2007

Dmytri - do you have any idea how difficult it is to START a business?
The develop an idea?
To develop and idea that is valuable to customers ?
That delivers enough value to customers for them to come back for more?
Do you have any idea how many difficult employees make a start up difficult, 
how many people try to steal your idea or work for you for a few weeks and 
then start a competitor... Or demand more pay and more benefits that the 
start up can sustain.

Of course the entrepreneur sells it - when you do - the workers get better 
benefits from a larger parent company, more pay, better work conditions than 
they had at the start up. I know. I've done this 6 times.  In all cases the 
workers came out ahead. way ahead.

Do I care?
Of course I care.
I sold my new ideas when it was a plus sum game, when the staff and the 
owners and the new owners all came out ahead. Otherwise no one would sell. 
Business development is a plus sum game, everyone wins when it is right.

You seem to be on a rant against the idea of shareholder ownership... which 
means you have no idea how to accumulate the capital it takes to grow a 
business out of the start-up phase.

Growth is capital intense. It takes huge sums to grow an idea large enough 
to make it really go.
And unless you personally have that capital, you have to get it from others 
and they want a share of the ownership.
Shareholders are not leeches (Sorry on this point Marx really was wrong) 
they are the people who provide the capital that allows a business to get 

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> Yes, I'm an entrepreneur.
> Yes I'm in it for the money.
> No, I'm not ashamed of that.

Hello Boris, are you proud of the fact that by selling the company to
private owners you help them extract surplus value from the employees and
customers of your businesses? Do you even know what that means? Do you

Have you ever asked yourself who produces the wealth earned by
shareholders? Have you ever asked yourself why your customers and employees
should pay more and earn less so that shareholders can extract profits?

Do you care about the effect capital accumulation has on the planet and the
people on it?

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