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Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten wrote on 6/10/07 at 9:24 AM

>There is a simple rule in business: if you screw your customer he will
>Everybody knows this expect people who seem to be afraid of being

"The philosophy that undergirds exchange also contrasts sharply across
forms. In markets the standard strategy is to drive the hardest possible
bargain in the immediate exchange. In networks, the preferred option is
often one of creating indebtedness and reliance over the long haul. Each
approach thus devalues the other: prosperous market traders would be
viewed as petty and untrustworthy shysters in networks, while successful
participants in networks who carried those practices into competitive
markets would be viewed as foolish and naive... In a market context, it
is clear to everyone concerned when a debt has been discharged, but such
matters and not nearly as obvious in networks."

Walter Powell - "Niether Market Nor Hierarchy: Network Forms of
Organization" 1990

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