[iDC] Will you delete your Feedburner account?

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 9 05:24:06 EDT 2007

> Take Craigslist. Most of you will know this network for urban
> communities. It operates in 450 cities worldwide and supports 5 billion
> page views per month. It is number 34 of all sites on the web in terms
> of traffic. In December 2006, Craigslist's CEO stunned Wall Street
> analysts by letting them know that
> "Craigslist has little interest in maximizing profit from the website
> but instead prefers only to help users find cars, apartments, jobs and
> dates."

Inspiring example. But why aren't there more of those? Maybe there are 
and they are little known... Selling out seems to be the default in the 
Web 2.0 area. The question is why.


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