[iDC] Will you delete your Feedburner account?

Andreas Schiffler aschiffler at ferzkopp.net
Thu Jun 7 12:39:42 EDT 2007

Peter Bihr wrote:
> Maybe a standard, or badge, or commitment to some kind of standard 
> body could be a way to go here, so that companies could adopt a 
> standard of easy-in, easy-out as a sign of good quality and trust. 
> We'd all know what we're in for.
I was about to post a similar comment to my post before - advocating a 
"Whitelist" of such 'quality'  services. But I held it back, because it 
seems to be a very difficult problem to solve.

These are some issues with whitelisting web20 services:
- to avoid digg-style hype it would need some sort of authority, which 
goes against the 'feel' of web20
- requires a lot of work to have quality (i.e. time for reviewing, etc.)
- is difficult to provide impartial information and not follow trends

Nevertheless such a body would be very useful - especially for cases 
such as the "feedburner" buyout
- users can help users deal with privacy issues
- forum can share information on how to facilitate easy-out's
- forum could suggest alternatives for easy-in's
- body could assists new services to reach an audience and critical-mass 

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