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Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 1 00:35:17 EDT 2007


Allow me to introduce myself an Internet scholar,

my web sites below in my sig file

  I am a middle aged scholar now in my first master's program in  
systems sciences(University of Ottawa) where other students think I  
really know social sciences. I am a university brat having been  
raised on the campus of McMaster university and eventually working as  
an RA there in the late 1970's programming the main frame when I used  
group mail briefly in in 1980 or so. I was a hacker in those days  
creating computer pranks while my fellow programmers went on to form  
wealthy software companies.

I am in Ottawa  and study at both Carleton and the University of Ottawa.

I got whipped out by personal computers and schizophrenia in the  
1980's. I recovered in the 1990's with peer to peer therapy,  
eventually finally completing a B.Math degree in statistics in 2002  
at Carleton and then a BA in legal studies in 2006 (Carleton), which  
is not a law degree but the study of law generally in its social  
context. I developed an interest in the sociology of science and  
technology in the later 1990's and at about the same became an  
activist in unions and am a wobbly. I like using Debian and R ands  
also macs and SAS. I have three years of TA experience in statistics  
where I was considered a great TA by students and professors. I have  
been making web pages since 1995 and do some work for community  
groups as web publisher. I also write and perform music.

I am also deeply involved in self help for mental health. I volunteer  
in my community with disAbility rights, law enforcement and  
supporting victims, the green party, protests and anarchists, arts,  
and punk rock.
I also help consumer survivors get computers and get hooked up to the  

I am reading some cyber culture and statistics books this summer. I  
also focus my studies on computer security basically having answered  
for myself why hacking is sometimes a crime. I also am hoping to  
develop the studies around statistical literacy and critical statistics.

I am a member of AOIR and thats how I got invited here.

I work at Statistics Canada, one of the world's best national  
statistical agencies of which I am quite proud. The Chief  
statistician also studied at Carleton and Carleton is a great school  
for statistics.

I have never owned a car and have rarely made more than 10,000  
dollars per year. Now that I am working at statistics Canada I am  
making the first full time employment money in my life.

Peter Timusk B.Math(2002) BA (2006)
Tel: 001-613-729-8328
Community Informatics Practitioner
Email: ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Yahoo ID: crystal_computing
Skype ID: peter.timusk

Nothing I write is intended to be representative of my employer, or  
our clients. Nor do I alone speak for my unions.

Feel free to learn more about me at www.crystalcomputing.net
Computer ethics studies at www.webpagex.org
blogs http://logbook.crystalcomputing.net <- computers
http://notebook.webpagex.org <- school work

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