[iDC] THE ANTI WEB 2.0 MANIFESTO (Andrew Keen)

R Labossiere admin at klooj.net
Thu Apr 26 20:27:44 EDT 2007

I wonder if I might redirect this topic slightly and if the list might 
respond in a kind of "organized enquiry".

Preamble: Whether amateur or professional, lo or hi brow, there are 
structures of validation in creative, cultural matters. As someone who works 
within hi art structures of validation daily, I can assure you that these 
structures are very much intact and not at all worried about the Web, 
amateurs or any of that (rendering the so-called "manifesto" of the 
imaginary "Mr. K" moot, and fluffy moot at that :)

Topic: What I'm wondering about is the relationship between validation and 
what I'll call "agency," taken quite literally, in the sense of talent or 
sports agents, where someone (or something) represents another (the 
"talent"), managing their production toward the end of maximizing 
opportunities and rewards.

Within virtual environments, agency can have a complicated technological 
meaning (not my enquiry). For example, I am here speaking to you, a learned 
group people I would not otherwise have met because the list-serv software 
and methodology effectively acts as my "agent", negotiating an opportunity 
for my "talent"  to earn "rewards." (now if it would only send you a bill! 

Caveat: But that's not what I want to get at, or not entirely. I don't want 
you to get bogged down in technology. I am interested in how "agency" works 
in a broader sense, multiplying and accelerating efficacy, creating 
"capital" as it were within all kinds of environments.


At what pont does the creative person benefit from an agent? (Does agency 
necessarily come only after success, when it is really about success 
management rather than talent management?)

Would all artists (and all creative people actually) benefit from "agents?"

What happens if everyone has an agent?

How do we determine who (or what) is the "best" agent?

Can "best" agents work equally for everyone without becoming "lesser" 

If you know of other resources on this concept of "agency" it would be great 
if you could let me know.

Thank you.

- Robert Labossiere

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