[iDC] Craig Bellamy: Political Communication

Ellis Godard ellis.godard at csun.edu
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My master's thesis (11 years ago) labelled these three aspects as locus,
focus, and modus, respectively - governance of and within the locus of
online interactions, design and access of internet as the focus for
political activity, and use of the internet as a modus for political
activity (although I conceived of all 3 as related to social movement
activity more generally, not necessarily political). 

I'm sure Bellamy's taken the ideas further than I ever would have, and I'm
under no illusion that he's aware of what I wrote or even, more generally,
that what's quoted below is hardly new, but... What's quoted below isn't
new. :)


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> [Craig Bellamy wrote The Internet and Political 
> Communication, which adds to our discssion about the values 
> of the net that we are willing to defend. best, Trebor]
> <http://www.craigbellamy.net/2006/06/24/the-internet-and-political-
> communication/>
> 1) What are the Internet's political features?
> 2) Why is the Internet important for politics?
> 3) How does it impact upon the public sphere? 
> What sort of politics?
> There are a number of different ways that the Internet can be 
> discussed in terms of politics; there are the issues that 
> surround the governance and regulation of the Internet (by 
> nations and international organisations), there are the 
> technical debates that emanate from the computer industry and 
> telecommunication companies (or the standards debates), and 
> there is the actual application of the Internet to the 
> communication of political ideas by various political groups. 
> It is the latter that is the most interesting form of new 
> politics. <snip>
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