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shu lea cheang shulea at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 18 05:12:25 EDT 2006

thanks for the resourcing. The scope of your 'collective action'
jumps over the divide of ping-ponging and leaps to the cross shooting
football field where aiming is focused and players multiplied.
Thanks for inviting me to join the list. maybe i say a few words here.

In a recent panel "sites and para-sites" at ICA London, a question 
from the audience.  "what is the difference between flickr and 
Harwood's 9 ?"
'sociable web media' and networked art. Is networked art still a 
practiced genre? Keyworx, anybody?

On the digital divide and participatory surveillace, I can not help to
bring up Texas governer's virtual border patrol plan.
in sports and game, we do participate.
If sociable web media would include online game environment,
i dare suggest class and race is on the equal playground.
however, bandwidth and server location do come into play.
thus the worldcup football scope..hmmm..
I refer to virtual marathon by tsunamii.net

finally, the recent shutdown of UO's (university of openness) wiki 
page (university of openness) due to overwhelming spam makes me 
  who rules in the collective action?

for now

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