[iDC] Power and the Internet

David Golumbia dg6n at unix.mail.virginia.edu
Fri Jun 2 10:26:49 EDT 2006

Andreas's message is much appreciated, and I see it as connected to the 
other issues we've been discussing. Not only is power itself an issue, but 
the raw materials required by most digital devices are much rarer than the 
ubiquity of computers would suggest. In case anyone is interested in 
working on these issues further, I've got a project called "ecoComputing" 
underway, and I'd be thrilled to have more contributors/participants.

The most active part is the "Update Center," at 
http://www.ecocomputing.org/wp. There's also a wiki, which I've had a 
little more trouble getting my reserach assistants to work on--help is 
very welcome on what I see as an important and under-examined topic.


David Golumbia
Assistant Professor
Media Studies, English, and Linguistics
University of Virginia

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