[iDC] The Internet and control

Trebor Scholz trebor at thing.net
Thu Jun 1 09:15:17 EDT 2006

Brian wrote:

³That said, those who want to explain how the world works 
only in terms of the Internet, or the television, or 
advertising, or whatever single phenomenon, are really 
wasting their time. Social relations, economic developments 
and power struggles involve much more than a single technology!²

Thanks, Brian, for digging into the control issue. I could not agree
more that a narrow specialist view that tries to explain it all through
the lens of the Internet will never capture what is really going on. 

While none of us can dance at all weddings at the same time (as the
saying goes in German) we can perhaps show each other steps. 

Two additional books:

Chun. W. (2006) Control and Freedom. Power and Paranoia in the Age of
Fiber Optics. Cambridge: MIT.

Goldsmith, J., Wu, T. (2006) Who Controls the Internet? Illusions of a
Borderless World. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


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